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The major October events in Santorini- Red Bull Art of Motion!

You might think that October, as the last month of the season, is a quiet one and not a lot of things are going on the island of Santorini. Well, October in Santorini is anything but dull. There are two major athletic events and most important religious one that only happen in Santorini during the month of October. So, these are the major October events in Santorini!

Let’s start with the Art of Motion by Red Bull, the established Parkour event that for 2017 is to be held on October the 7th in Oia. Starting at 16:00 there will be 7 contestants that will compete for this year’s title. Jumping at the rooftops of the whitewashed houses of Oia the truth is that the show is amazing and worth watching as the adrenaline level is really high! The locations for the competition are the premises of Fanari Villas and Golden Sunset Villas.

The truth is that this is an important sports event for Santorini that people and journalists from all over the world attend the show of the “flying” runners in the amazingly beautiful backdrop of the caldera that creates images and emotions that no other sports event offers. Visitors and locals attend the Art of Motion and fill the yards and the steps of Oia to enjoy this spectacle!

Useful Tips for the Art of Motion event in Santorini: Get there earlier (at least 2 hours) to find a great spot to ensure that you have the best views! Also if you want to see more the athletes are there getting ready and “jumping” at least a day earlier. Needless to mention that there will be lots of Red Bull beverages! More details at

Do not forget to enjoy a meal at the White Cave Restaurant with the great views of the caldera! More info at