Book now your summer 2017 vacation in Santorini!

Book now and enjoy more! The summer 2017 in Ira Hotel & Spa!

You know this lovely cliché saying that summer is just “around the corner”. Well, we don’t say it without a reason; a really serious one. Many people start thinking of their summer holidays sometime after Christmas. We can’t blame anyone for that but the sooner is always the better. After all, summer won’t wait and you can describe to your Christmas gatherings all about your upcoming summer holidays in Santorini.

If you are an experienced traveler you already know for sure that when you pre-book your summer holidays accommodation there are so many advantages. First of all, the offered prices because now is the time to save more. The last minute offers are a matter of luck mostly; to find the hotel of your choice in a lower price, when now all prices for rooms and suites are coming with a reduction. Keep in mind that some packages are on as well, like free bottles of wine and more. Even if you wish to cancel your reservation, you can be benefited as you have plenty of time to do so.

And then, there is another significant reason. When you book early, you are able to arrange more comfortable and relaxed your vacations’ activities. You will be able to read more about the destination, book a cruise or a tour, arrange some beauty sessions and explore in detail all the things that you wish to experience in Santorini.

In Ira Hotel & Spa, we always encourage our customers to book their room or suite as early is possible to ensure and start dreaming about their holidays in Santorini! We all have summer in us, we are always looking forward for this season of endless sunshine, long days at the beach and endless relaxation with caldera views at the swimming pool of Ira Hotel & Spa! So, you don’t have to know that summer is just around the corner but to click on to book now your summer 2017 holidays in Santorini!