Ira Hotel, Firostefani Santorini

Welcome to Ira, a unique 4 star hotel on the cliff of Santorini

The Atmosphere!

awakening your senses

The sun rises. The sea right in front of you takes every shades of blue; light, azure, deep blue. The caldera rocks are painted by the sun’s beams. Reach up to your beloved sleeping next to you! Awake your senses; you are in Ira Hotel & Spa, on the magnificent island of Santorini. This is not a dream; this is you lying comfortably in your room or your suite, waking up next to the volcano, the sea, the clear sky and nature’s only truth: beauty.

Ira hotel, breakfast room

The Breakfast

smell the coffee

Your airy steps lead you to the breakfast room of Ira Hotel. Local delicacies, freshly baked breads, pies made with the Greek culinary wisdom, and your favorite coffee.

Your days in Santorini must be special and must start in the most delicious way.

Ira hotel, the swimming pool

The Swimming Pool

hear the echoes

The day goes on! But the days at the caldera of Santorini Island and Ira Hotel & Spa are a call to all your senses; a beacon to release yourself from the worries of the everyday life. The path will take you to the swimming pool area of Ira Hotel & Spa. You are right in the heart of the day. You are right in the heart of Santorini’s caldera. A refreshing dive, a colorful cocktail, a hearty snack and lounging under the bright sun that shines all over the nature’s grandeur. Your day and your senses are now at their peak!

Ira hotel, breakfast room

The Spa

it is time to pamper you

What’s better after this feast of the senses than a relaxing massage? It is time to pamper you. In Ira Hotel & Spa, there is always time for your personal time. Indulge into the revitalizing beauty treatments of our spa. Experienced therapists, a steam-bath and an indoor Jacuzzi wait to pamper all your senses. Dream, relax and feel the vibrations of the unique caldera become part of your mind, body and soul. “Velvet” hands are softly touching your body like feathers and heal every pain while your body and spirit are now totally rejuvenated.

Ira hotel

The Gastronomy

taste the difference

Santorini’s land, a land made of lava. A land that grows products of supreme quality and taste. Nowhere in the world can you find a wine that tastes like the unique Vinsanto. There is no greater experience than enjoying a dinner in Santorini during sunset time. At sunset, the setting changes; the caldera and the sea take such reddish hues that it’s almost like they are on fire. You are in the Ira Hotel restaurant’s verandas, enjoying palate pleasing gastronomic miracles. Your wish of a dreamy day in Santorini has now come true! Raise your glass and toast to life! To happiness!

Ira Santorini Ira hotel restaurant

Twenty two elegant Rooms & Suites at Firostefani in Santorini

Ira hotel, more to feel

More to feel

Ira Hotel & Spa

more to feel

Feel as unique and special as the Santorini caldera! Welcome to Ira Hotel & Spa in Santorini, a hotel where the colourful façades of the rooms and the suites greet the sea of Santorini every morning. Your senses wake up to nature’s call; to Santorini’s magnificence! Your feelings follow the modern day’s conveniences. Ira Hotel & Spa is made with love. The man’s love for hospitality, great accommodation, exquisite facilities, and impeccable services with the very same commitment as nature’s for the love of beauty! Enjoy your holidays in Santorini and Ira Hotel & Spa!

Ira hotel the view